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Confederate Flag


The Confederate naval flag is also used. Other flags of the Confederate States of America and its structures are used occasionally, but they only differ in minor details. Sometimes it features different colors.


It originated as the flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, which was later used as the flag of the Confederate States Army — an unrecognized state that formed as a result of the 13 slave-owning states withdrawing from the United States to preserve slavery.


In the United States, many across the country claim the flag represents a historical moment and cultural pride rather than as a symbol of hate.. It is also used as a symbol of the “rights” of the Southern states or as a representation of separatist sentiment. Today, it is widely considered a symbol of racism in the United States.

The flag of the Confederate States is often used not as a hate symbol, but as decoration, symbolizing the style of the American South. It is popular among some bikers or people who admire the American South.

Use as a hate symbol:

Racists in various countries use the flag as a marker of their racist views and their adherence to the idea of white supremacy.

In Ukraine, this flag is rarely used to demonstrate racist views. Those using it are often unaware of its racist connotations. As such, it is important to examine the context in which it appears to determine if it is being used deliberately as a hate symbol. There may be an explanation for its use other than racism.

It is almost impossible to confuse this flag with other symbols.

Additional images

Confederate naval flag

Confederate flag in a different color (Lviv)

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