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“88” is a numerical code for the Nazi salute "Heil Hitler!" — referencing the fact that the letter “H” is the eighth letter in the Latin alphabet.

Use as a hate symbol:

Far Right groups in various countries use it widely to demonstrate their identification with Nazi and neo-Nazi views. It is usually used in combination with the number 14 — 14/88 in compound characters — and in the names of right-wing radical organizations.

In Ukraine, it is very commonly used to demonstrate Nazi and racist views, usually in the compounded form 14/88.

To demonstrate their views, right-wing radicals will sometimes wear t-shirts with the number 88. FIFA (the International Federation of Association Football) advises clubs not to use this number, but not all clubs follow this recommendation. That said, it is very likely that t-shirts with this number are worn unknowingly by people who do not necessarily hold far-right views.

It is rare for a person to use the symbol “88” mistakenly or without understanding its meaning, but it can happen accidentally or by coincidence.

Additional images

Karpatska Sich graffiti (Uzhhorod)

White Boys Club graffiti, also displaying Celtic cross (Kyiv)

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