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Sun Wheel

Other names:

Solar Circle, Sun Cross


This is an ancient sun symbol that many groups in different countries have used.


It is often used as decoration, a symbol of the sun, an emblem, or a component of an emblem, as well as in paintings in Christian churches.

The Nazis considered the sun wheel a “Nordic symbol of the sun” and it is the emblem of the Norwegian and Danish Nazis.

Use as a hate symbol:

White racists around the world, but mainly in Scandinavia, use the sun wheel as a symbol of the alleged superiority of the Nordic race. It is often used in place of a swastika because it is visually similar to the swastika and its use is more socially acceptable, especially in jurisdictions where the display of the swastika is prohibited. It is also used to replace the letter “O” on banners and posters.

In Ukraine, it is sometimes used to demonstrate racist views, most often without the user affiliating with a specific organization or structure.

The sun wheel can be used mistakenly due to its popularity and simplicity.

This symbol is widely used, including by neo-pagans, among others. As such, it is important to examine the context in which a sun wheel appears and check for the presence of other hate symbols to discern if it is being used as a hate symbol.

Additional images

At a Karpatska Sich march (Uzhhorod)

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