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NSRPN (used in Ukraine, albeit very rarely).


NSDAP is an abbreviation of Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party or Nazi Party that ruled Germany under Adolf Hitler’s leadership. It has been banned in Germnay since 1945. In most instances, a transliteration of the German abbreviation NSDAP is also used in Ukrainian. However, since the party is also known by the translated version of its full name (Natisonal-sotsialistychna robitnicha partiia Nimechchyny), it is sometimes abbreviated in Ukrainian as NSRPN.


This abbreviation is only used as a hate symbol.

Use as a hate symbol:

Neo-nazis in various countries use the abbreviation NSDAP widely as an indicator of Nazi views, as well as to indicate adherence to the ideas of National Socialism (Nazism), and continuity with Nazi Germany and the Hitler-era Nazis.

This abbreviation is not commonly used in Ukraine. When it is used as an indicator of Nazi views, it tends to be without any connection to a specific organization or structure.

This abbreviation is only used by those who understand its meaning. Given the specific combination of letters, it is practically impossible for its appearance to be a coincidence.

That said, there is a clothing brand called Consdaple created specifically for neo-Nazis. Its name includes the abbreviation NSDAP, which neo-Nazis show off by covering the letters "Co" and "le" with a scarf or jacket. Consdaple clothing is rarely found in Ukraine. People who do not adhere to neo-Nazi views may wear the brand without understanding its connotations.

The name of the clothing brand Lonsdale also contains part of the abbreviation — “NSDA.” Though this attracts neo-Nazis consumers to the brand, the brand does not target neo-Nazis and is popular among the general public.

Additional images

Logo of Consdaple clothing brand (also features eagle, similar to that used by Nazis)

Use of Consdaple brand clothing to show NSDAP abbreviation

Similar symbols that are not hate symbols

Logo of Lonsdale

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