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Symbols of Azov (Idea of the Nation)

Other names:

Colloquially known as the “emblem of Azov.”


A modern symbol created as an emblem for the Social-National Party of Ukraine (now known as the Svoboda Party). It is a combination of Ukrainian letters “I” and “N” allegedly written in an “ancient script,” though there is no evidence that these letters were ever written in such a way.   The symbol is a variation of the Wolfsangel; a mirror image of the emblem of the SS Panzer Division “Das Reich” (a division of the Nazi security services). The leader of Patriot of Ukraine rejects the notion that the symbol has any connection to the Wolfsangel. However, the organizations that use the Idea of ​​the Nation symbol are far-right and use other hate symbols.


It is exclusively used as the emblem of several Ukrainian far-right organizations.

Use as a hate symbol:

In Ukraine, the Idea of the Nation symbol is only used by right-wing radical organizations as an indicator of radical nationalism (neo-Nazism). It was the emblem of the Social-National Party of Ukraine (now the Svoboda Party), the non-governmental organization Patriot of Ukraine, and the Social-National Assembly. The Azov Special Purpose Detachment uses it as its emblem, as do related structures such as Azov’s civilian branch.

Due to the Azov movement’s popularity, the symbol is often used mistakenly, including by those who are not aware of the movement’s ideological orientation.

Additional images

Emblem of Special Operations Detachment "Azov"

Emblem of Social National Assembly

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