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Symbols of C14


This far-right group’s name references the “14 Words” of white supremacist David Lane. It is possible that the number 14 is also the code for “Adolf Hitler” (“A” and “H” are the first and fourth letters of the Ukrainian alphabet, respectively). Alternatively, C14 may have copied the British neo-Nazi terrorist organization, Combat 18 (also known as C18), which has branches in several other countries. The name C18 was code for “Adolf Hitler” (“A” and “H” are the first and eighth letters of the Latin alphabet, respectively).


The official name of the organization is SICH-C14, with “SICH” written in capital letters to resemble “C14.”

The C14 emblem and the emblems of its subsidiaries (such as Educational Assembly, the National Human Rights Center, and the Union of Veterans of the War with Russia) are made using a single style and share a common element — a hemisphere at the bottom.

Use as a hate symbol:

The C14 logo is a hate symbol due to its use of the number 14.

The word “Sich” is quite common in Ukraine (there’s Bank Sich, the security company Sich, and the Ukrainian corporation Motor Sich, to name a few examples), and refers to the Cossacks who ruled parts of southeastern Ukraine several hundred years ago. The name C14 is however not common.

The names and emblems of C14’s subsidiaries do not contain hate symbols, which may be deliberate in order to mislead the public.

More about C14 can be found in a dossier on the group available here.

Additional images

Emblem of Educational Assembly

Emblem of National Centre for Human Rights

Emblem of Union of Veterans of the War with Russia

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