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Symbols of Karpatska Sich

Other names:

It’s possible that this group is named after a paramilitary organization also called Carpathian Sich, which was active in Zakarpattia (Transcarpathia) in 1938–1939.


Carpathian Sich’s emblem is a modified version of Ukraine’s national symbol: a trident with a sword in place of its middle prong. This altered trident is an image shared by many Ukrainian right wing movements and groups.

Use as a hate symbol:

Carpathian Sich’s emblem does not contain hate symbols, although it does allude to the group’s right-wing views. Carpathian Sich is known to use various hate symbols, including the Celtic cross, the black sun, the sun wheel, the Wolfsangel, various runes, and the Nazi salute.

The organization’s sister group, the far-right tourist club Edelweiss — not to be confused with the right-wing radical organization Edelweiss Vinnytsia — uses the black sun as its emblem.

The names and logos of its other subsidiary organizations do not contain hate symbols, which may be misleading.

Additional images

Karpatska Sich graffiti with 88 symbol (Uzhhorod)

Karpatska Sich's Glory to the Heroes March, group's logo accompanied by Wolfsangel, Celtic Cross, Sun Wheel, and the SS emblem

Emblem of Dagger and Stylus, a "cultural-artistic" project associated with Karpatska Sich

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