Tradition and Order - Radical right-wing group active in disrupting civil society events

Tradition and Order
Year Founded: 2016 Locations: Kyiv and Kyiv Region, Lviv Region, Kharkiv Region

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Andrii Lozovyi
Anton Perezhohin
Anton Shum
Bohdan Khodakovskyi
Ihor Lutsenko
Ihor Mosiichuk
Semen Sokha
Yurii Bondarenko

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Tradition and Order

The far-right organization, Tradition and Order (Tradytsiia I Poriadok), has existed in Ukraine since 2016. Its leader is Bohdan Khodakovskyi and other prominent members include Yurii Bondarenko, Anton Perezhohin, Semen Sokha and Anton Shum.

Tradition and Order is registered as a public organization under the acronym “TIP” and is planning to re-establish itself as a political party. The organization also distributes a print magazine called the Conservative (Konservator). Donations to support publication are collected via Anton Perezhohin’s personal bank account.


On February 17, 2018, members of Tradition and Order attacked the office of the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Kyiv. Along with members of two other Ukrainian far-right groups, C14 and Right Sector, they demanded that the center’s director come out of the building. Protesters painted the building’s walls with slogans and burned a Russian flag found inside.“'Геть ФСБ із України!' Націоналісти вимагали звільнити будівлю 'Росспівробітництва' на Подолі в Києві," ['FSB away from Ukraine!' Nationalists demanded that the ‘Rosspivrobitnytstva’ building in Kyiv's Podil be vacated],, February 17, 2018,

That same day, Tradition and Order held a demonstration near the Polish Embassy in Kyiv, in support of the deportation of Ukrainian politician and former Georgian President, Mikheil Saakashvili. The protesters held placards that read, "Sorry, this one’s for Bandera."Tradytsiia i Poriadok, 2018, “Сьогодні невідомі активісти руху Традиція і Порядок попередили наших польських друзів…” [Today, anonymous activists from the movement Tradition and Order warned our Polish friends…], Facebook, February 17, 2018,

In March 2018, members of Tradition and Order, Right Sector and another far-right group, the National Corps, blockedTetiana Turlikian, “Скандал з символікою Нацдружин на Марші Жінок: активістку судять, а організаторам закидають 'наругу над Гербом України'” [Scandal involving National Druzhina symbols at the Women’s March: activist tried and organizers accused of 'insulting the Coat of Arms of Ukraine'], RBK Ukraine, March 13, 2018, the entrance to the Shevchenkivskyi District Court during the hearing of Olena Shevchenko, the head of the LGBT+ organization “Insight.” Shevchenko had been issued a administrative violation during the Women’s March in Kyiv on March 8, 2018. The far-right demonstrators broke into the courtroom with weapons, and Shevchenko had to be evacuated through an emergency exit.

On May 10, 2018, members of Tradition and Order and the far-right group Katekhon attempted to disrupt a lecture on the Russian government’s anti-LGBT+ policy according to the event’s organizer, Amnesty International, and others who participated in the disruption.“Ультраправі заблокували учасників лекції про права ЛГБТ” [The far-right blocked participants from a lecture about LGBT rights] Zmina, May 10, 2018, See also “Крайні праві в Україні безкарні - Amnesty International” [Far Right in Ukraine Enjoy Impunity], VOA, May 11, 2018,  The owner of the venue, where the lecture was intended to occur, sided with the far-right groups and refused to host the event. The lecture later took place at a different venue on May 17, 2018. Right-wing nationalists picketed the event but refrained from disrupting the proceedings due to police presence.

On May 19, 2018, a group of right-wing radicals from Kyiv - including prominent Tradition and Order member Yurii BondarenkoAnna Hrytsenko, Video, Facebook, May 19, 2018, - violently obstructed the LGBT+ Equality Festival in the western Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi, with the help of members of the Chernivtsi branch of the far-right group National Corps, as well as a group of priests. On the eve of the festival, the lock on the door of the venue was damaged. While on the day of the event, right-wing radicals gathered on the stairs of the building and sprayed tear gas on the attendees before the festival began. Several members of the far-right managed to get inside the venue. Law enforcement then announced that explosives had been planted on the premises and the festival participants were forced to evacuate. An unknown person threw a hammer at the participants during the evacuation.

On May 18, 2018, members of Tradition and Order in Kharkiv, along with members of the right-wing radical group Freikorps, attempted to disrupt an event about combatting homophobia and transphobia, which was occurring at an anarchist squat known as Autonomy (Avtonomiia).Tradytsiia i Poriadok, 2018, “Активісти харківського осередку Традиція і Порядок, ФРАЙКОР та небайдужі харків’яни…” [Activists from the Kharkiv branch of Tradition and Order, Freikorps and other concerned Kharkiv residents…], Facebook, May 17, 2018,

In June 2018, right-wing radical organizations, including Tradition and Order, C14 and National Resistance, demonstrated against the Equality March in KyivMykhailo Glukhovskiy, 2018, “Екстрасенс, батюшка та народні депутати. Головні обличчя КиївПрайду-2018” [A psychic, a priest, and people’s deputies. The main faces of KyivPride.], Glavcom, June 17, 2018, – an annual event, part of KyivPride. The evening before the march, far-right demonstrators occupied part of the area where the procession was set to take place. Officers from the National Police forcibly removed them the next day, on the grounds that the radicals were carrying weapons. Even though law enforcement was able to ensure security during the march itself, KyivPride spokeswoman Sofiia Lapina reported that there were at least 20 attacks on representatives of the LGBT+ community the following week.“Після Маршу рівності в Києві сталось понад 20 нападів на ЛГБТ та волонтерів – активістка” [After the Equality March in Kyiv there were over 20 attacks on LGBT and volunteers – activist], Zmina, June 25, 2018,

On September 17, 2018, Tradition and Order picketed the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, to protest the extradition of Russian citizen and Ingush national, Timur Tumgoyev, to Russia. According to the Russian Security Services, Tumgoyev fought in Syria for the Islamic State, a militant extremist group. However, Tumgoyev claimed that he wanted to fight for the Ukrainian side in the war in eastern Ukraine. The right-wing demonstrators tried to break into the prosecutor’s office, which led to clashes with the police.“Під ГПУ сталися сутички: сльозогінний газ, каміння і пляшки (ФОТО)” [Clashes Near the GPU: teargas, stones, and bottles], Hromadske Radio, September 17, 2018, See also “На акції під ГПУ постраждали 7 правоохоронців – поліція” [Seven law enforcement officers injured during a rally near the GPU – police] Ukrainska Pravda, September 17, 2018, The right-wing radicals attacked law enforcement officers with gas canisters and cobblestones. Law enforcement detained one member of Tradition and Order, Anton Shum,Tradytsiia i Poriadok, “Микола Несен вже на волі!” [Mykola Nesen is already free!], Telegram, September 17, 2018, and seized his weapons. As a result, he is now involved in an ongoing court case.

On October 14, 2018, Tradition and Order members attacked the office of the Social Democratic Party of Ukraine (united) in Kyiv; the party was previously led by pro-Russian politician, Viktor Medvedchuk.“У організації «Традиція і порядок» пояснили, чому напали на офіс СДПУ” [The organization 'Tradition and Order' explained why they attacked the office of SDPU] Hromadske Radio, October 15, 2018,

On November 18, 2018, members of Tradition and Order, as well as members of the far-right groups Brotherhood and Katekhon, tried to disrupt an event in Kyiv marking the International Transgender Day of Remembrance according to participants in the march. A lack of police action enabled the right-wing radicals to hamper the event, including by using tear gas and smoke bombs and physically attacking several people, including journalists.“Марш до Дня пам'яті трансгендерів у Києві зірвали й закидали 'димовухами'” [March for the Transgender Day of Remembrance in Kyiv was disrupted and ‘smoke’ was thrown] BBC News Ukraine, November 18, 2018,

On November 20, 2018, members of Tradition and Order blockedHerz Marina, 2018, “Пришлось сегодня принципиально проводить мероприятие в PrideHub о трансфобии…” [Today an event took place at PrideHub about transphobia…], Facebook, November 20, 2018, the entrance of a LGBT+ community center in Kharkiv. Members tried to get inside the building, but police stepped in to stop them. Although the center was able to successfully host its event that day, participants who arrived late were unable to access the building and those inside were unable to leave immediately afterwards, due to an obstructed entrance.

On December 19, 2018, Tradition and Order and Katekhon picketed the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, demanding that the Cabinet scrap decision 390/2017, which established the position of a Commissioner for Gender Policy. They also demanded the dismissal of the new Commissioner, Kateryna Levchenko.Tradytsiia i Poriadok, Telegram, December 18, 2018,

On March 8, 2019, Tradition and Order and the right-wing group Brotherhood held a counter-picket targeting the annual feminist march in Kyiv. The event took place almost without incident, although the right-wing demonstrators kicked one of the participants. In addition, homeless people carrying anti-LGBT+ placards were seen near the venue—one of the right-wing opponents is suspected of paying them to do this.Anna Hrytsenko, “Свидетели конца. Ромский погром, евразийцы в Киеве и поддельные геи” [Witnesses of the end. Roma pogrom, Eurasians in Kyiv and fake gays], Update, April 1, 2019,

On June 2, 2019, members of Tradition and Order tore down a bust of the infamous Marshal of the Soviet Union, Georgy Zhukov in Kharkiv, and stuck a Ukrainian flag in its place.“У Харкові повалили бюст Жукова, Кернес обіцяє відновити” [Zhukov Bust toppled in Kharkiv, Kernes promises to restore], BBC News Ukraine, June 2, 2019,

On July 30, 2019 members of Tradition and Order forced their way into the Kyiv office of the state news agency Ukrinform, disrupting a press conference about election fraud in the Donetsk region. They broke open the doors of the press conference—hitting staff members who tried to stop them—and threw eggs at one of the panel members, Andriy Aksionov. The far-right radicals accused Aksionov, an electoral candidate, of having a pro-Russian position. The attackers also caused damage to the news agency’s property – pulling out five microphones from the speaker system and staining the carpet and destroying furniture – and assaulted three employees.Vladislav Obukh et al., “Чиї інтереси прикривають “гаслами” нападники на Укрінформ [Whose interests are masked by the 'slogans' on the attackers at Ukrinform], Ukrinform, July 31, 2019,“The Council of Europe keeps track of the investigation into the attack on Ukrinform’s press centre,” Ukrinform, August 3, 2019,

On November 26, 2019, members of Tradition and Order dumped chicken livers on the façade and the entrance of the LGBT+ community center in Kharkiv.“Харків: поліція зареєструвала повідомлення про атаки на ЛГБТ-центр як «звернення громадян»” [Kharkiv: police registered a report about the attack on the LGBT-centre as a ‘citizens appeal’] Radio Svoboda, December 29, 2019,

On November 27, 2019, Tradition and Order tried to disrupt a feminist march in Lviv, but the police prevented clashes.Vitalii Kublikov, “Феміністки під конвоєм поліцейських провели нічний марш на Сихові” [Feminists held a night march on Sykhovi with a police convoy],, November 28, 2019,

On January 4, 2020, members of Tradition and Order gathered outside of the Iranian Embassy in Kyiv to pay tribute to the Iranian military general Qasem Soleimani, who was killed during a US airstrike in Iraq the day before.KHODAKOVSKYI, “Сьогодні, під посольством Ірану скромно вшанували пам’ять загиблого генерала” [Today, near the Iranian embassy, they humbly honoured the memory of the fallen general], Telegram, January 4, 2020,

Furthermore, members of the organization actively participate in disputes between property developers and local residents. In Kyiv, they have been involved in disputes on Kamianska, Kurhanivska, Myrna and Sormovska Street, as well as in the village of Kriukivshchyna in the Kyiv region. During these conflicts, they use explicitly xenophobic rhetoric about various ethnic groups.Tradytsiia i Poriadok, “ВІДСТОЇМО ІСТОРИЧНУ ЧАСТИНУ КИЄВА” [DEFENDING THE HISTORICAL PART OF KYIV], Telegram, December 26, 2019,

In January 2020, the organization announced that they had opened a branch in Germany. Ernst Lanhe, “Ми йдемо на захід: традиція і порядок в німеччині” [We are going west: Tradition and Order in Germany], Konservator, January 2, 2020,


Tradition and Order attempts to portray itself as a “conservative movement.” According to its leader, Bohdan Khodakovskyi, the organization cooperates “with all nationalist, patriotic organizations without exception,” as well as with individual members of parliament who share their views. This includes former MPs Ihor Mosiichuk and Andrii Lozovyi from the Radical Party of Oleh Liashko, former MP Ihor Lutsenko from the Fatherland Party,Myroslava Markova, “Богдан Ходаковський: «як тільки щось починається, завжди погляньте на перший-другий ряд – там будуть наші»” [Bohdan Khodakovskyi: 'This is just the beginning, always look at the first-other rows – ours will be there’] Kafedra Periodychnoi Presy, as well MP Sviatoslav Yurash from the ruling Servant of the People party.“Лекція Святослава Юраша” [Sviatoslav Yurash’s Lecture], Pokrov, The online publication Petr i Mazepa—which claims to be apolitical—has printed materials from Tradition and Order that clearly promote the organization.“«Традиция и порядок»: Украина должна пойти по пути Китая и Сингапура” ['Tradition and Order': Ukraine must follow the path of China and Singapore], Petr i Mazepa, August 22, 2016,

The media has also reported on incidents where current or former members of the organization have committed crimes that have no direct radical right-wing basis, such as extorting money from street vendors“Вымогателями из киевских переходов оказались представители организации «Традиция и порядок»” [Representatives of Tradition and Order extorting bribes from Kyiv crossings] Ukraina Kriminalnaya, October 5, 2018, or attempted murder. Vasyl Bidun, “Убивство дитини: адвокат соболєва пов'язує підозрюваного у злочині із суддею ємельяновим”[Child murder: Sobolev’s lawyer connects suspect in crimes to judge Yemelyanov], Slidstvo.Info, January 15, 2020, Furthermore, on February 26, 2019, police detained members of Tradition and Order“Остановленные полицией титушки собирались «качнуть» облавтодор: или Минздрав?” [Titushki stopped by police were preparing to 'rock' the oblavtodor: or the Ministry of Health?] Dumskaya, February 28, 2019, on the Kyiv-Odesa highway and seized weapons. According to written statements from the detainees, they were promised a monetary reward of UAH 800 (about $35) for participating in a demonstration that involved blocking the highway.