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Other names:

Sva Stone.


The brand name SvaStone alludes to the swastika. Its logo is a stylized swastika.


The logo and name are exclusively used as a brand that targets far-right consumers.

Use as a hate symbol:

A significant number of the products this brand sells contain or constitute hate symbols. Members of far-right groups or individuals who share right-wing views often wear SvaStone brand clothing.

People who don’t know the connotations of certain symbols sometimes wear the brand’s products mistakenly. As such, it is important to check for the presence of other hate symbols and examine the context in which this clothing is being worn.

Additional images

"White Boy" t-shirt (the company also makes similar "White Girl" and "White Baby" t-shirts) - a hint at the white skin of the wearer

"SONNE MIT UNS" t-shirt ("The sun is with us") with a stylized "black sun," gothic font, and SvaStone logo. The product description on the producer's website links to Miguel Serrano, the founder of esoteric Hitlerism.

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